Availability of Colvars features on different C++ versions

The majority of the Colvars module can be built with all major versions of the C++ language. A few recent features are an exception, and require an executable built with C++11, which all recent compilers support but not all enable by default yet.

At this time, the issue only affects VMD. Because the VMD build system does not support C++11 on all platforms yet, VMD is often built without those features. This page points to the relevant information to identifying and potentially solving this issue.

Specific Colvars features that require C++11

Currently the following variable types are only available when the code is built with C++11 standard or higher:

Starting from 2019-06-02 customFunction also requires C++11, due to improvements in the Lepton library available from the OpenMM repository.

Status of C++ support in MD engines (as of 2020-10-29)