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SimParameters Class Reference

Public Member Functions

BigReal getCurrentLambda (const int)
BigReal getLambdaDelta (void)
BigReal getElecLambda (const BigReal)
BigReal getVdwLambda (const BigReal)
BigReal getBondLambda (const BigReal)
 SimParameters (ConfigList *c, char *&cwd)
void initialize_config_data (ConfigList *, char *&cwd)
void send_SimParameters (MOStream *)
void receive_SimParameters (MIStream *)
void scriptSet (const char *, const char *)
void close_dcdfile ()
void close_veldcdfile ()
int isSendSpanningTreeOn ()
int isSendSpanningTreeUnset ()
int isRecvSpanningTreeOn ()
int isRecvSpanningTreeUnset ()
char * getfromparseopts (const char *name, char *outbuf)
int istrueinparseopts (const char *name)
int issetinparseopts (const char *name)
void readExtendedSystem (const char *filename, Lattice *latptr=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static void nonbonded_select ()

Public Attributes

Bool lonepairs
int watmodel
Bool LJcorrection
BigReal dt
int N
int stepsPerCycle
zVector cellBasisVector1
zVector cellBasisVector2
zVector cellBasisVector3
zVector cellOrigin
Lattice lattice
int nonbondedFrequency
int fullElectFrequency
BigReal fmaTheta
int ldBalancer
int ldbStrategy
int ldbPeriod
int firstLdbStep
int lastLdbStep
int hybridGroupSize
BigReal ldbBackgroundScaling
BigReal ldbPMEBackgroundScaling
BigReal ldbHomeBackgroundScaling
BigReal ldbRelativeGrainsize
int traceStartStep
int numTraceSteps
Bool outputMaps
Bool simulateInitialMapping
int simulatedPEs
int simulatedNodeSize
Bool disableTopology
Bool verboseTopology
Bool benchTimestep
int useCkLoop
int twoAwayX
int twoAwayY
int twoAwayZ
int maxPatches
Bool ldbUnloadPME
Bool ldbUnloadZero
Bool ldbUnloadOne
Bool ldbUnloadOutputPEs
Bool noPatchesOnZero
Bool noPatchesOnOutputPEs
Bool noPatchesOnOne
BigReal initialTemp
Bool comMove
Bool zeroMomentum
Bool zeroMomentumAlt
Bool wrapWater
Bool wrapAll
Bool wrapNearest
BigReal dielectric
ExclusionSettings exclude
BigReal scale14
BigReal nonbondedScaling
int dcdFrequency
int dcdUnitCell
int velDcdFrequency
int forceDcdFrequency
int xstFrequency
char auxFilename [128]
char dcdFilename [128]
char velDcdFilename [128]
char forceDcdFilename [128]
char xstFilename [128]
char outputFilename [128]
char restartFilename [128]
int restartFrequency
Bool restartSave
Bool restartSaveDcd
Bool binaryRestart
Bool binaryOutput
BigReal cutoff
BigReal margin
BigReal patchDimension
BigReal limitDist
Bool switchingActive
Bool vdwForceSwitching
BigReal switchingDist
Bool martiniSwitching
Bool martiniDielAllow
BigReal pairlistDist
int pairlistMinProcs
int usePairlists
int pairlistsPerCycle
BigReal pairlistShrink
BigReal pairlistGrow
BigReal pairlistTrigger
int outputPairlists
Bool constraintsOn
int constraintExp
Bool gridforceOn
Bool gridforceVolts
zVector gridforceScale
Bool gridforceContA1
Bool gridforceContA2
Bool gridforceContA3
zVector gridforceVOffset
Bool gridforceLite
Bool gridforcechecksize
Bool mgridforceOn
MGridforceParamsList mgridforcelist
Bool selectConstraintsOn
Bool constrXOn
Bool constrYOn
Bool constrZOn
Bool sphericalConstraintsOn
zVector sphericalConstrCenter
BigReal constraintScaling
Bool paraTypeXplorOn
Bool paraTypeCharmmOn
Bool goGroPair
Bool goForcesOn
char goParameters [128]
char goCoordinates [128]
GoChoices goMethod
Bool movingConstraintsOn
zVector movingConsVel
Bool rotConstraintsOn
zVector rotConsAxis
zVector rotConsPivot
BigReal rotConsVel
Bool movDragOn
char movDragFile [128]
BigReal movDragGlobVel
char movDragVelFile [128]
Bool rotDragOn
char rotDragFile [128]
char rotDragAxisFile [128]
char rotDragPivotFile [128]
BigReal rotDragGlobVel
char rotDragVelFile [128]
Bool consTorqueOn
char consTorqueFile [128]
char consTorqueAxisFile [128]
char consTorquePivotFile [128]
BigReal consTorqueGlobVal
char consTorqueValFile [128]
Bool SMDOn
BigReal SMDVel
zVector SMDDir
BigReal SMDk
BigReal SMDk2
char SMDFile [128]
int SMDOutputFreq
Bool tabulatedEnergies
int tableNumTypes
char tabulatedEnergiesFile [128]
char tableInterpType [128]
Real tableSpacing
BigReal tableMaxDist
Bool TMDOn
BigReal TMDk
char TMDFile [128]
char TMDFile2 [128]
int TMDOutputFreq
int TMDFirstStep
int TMDLastStep
BigReal TMDInitialRMSD
BigReal TMDFinalRMSD
Bool symmetryOn
Bool symmetryScaleForces
BigReal symmetryk
char symmetrykfile [128]
char symmetryFile [128]
char symmetryMatrixFile [128]
int symmetryFirstStep
int symmetryLastStep
int symmetryFirstFullStep
int symmetryLastFullStep
Bool alchOnAtStartup
Bool alchOn
Bool alchFepOn
Bool alchThermIntOn
Bool alchFepWCARepuOn
Bool alchFepWCADispOn
Bool alchFepElecOn
Bool alchFepWhamOn
int alchMethod
BigReal alchLambda
BigReal alchLambda2
int alchLambdaFreq
BigReal alchRepLambda
BigReal alchDispLambda
BigReal alchElecLambda
BigReal alchFepWCArcut1
BigReal alchFepWCArcut2
BigReal alchFepWCArcut3
BigReal alchTemp
int alchOutFreq
Bool alchEnsembleAvg
char alchOutFile [128]
int alchEquilSteps
BigReal alchVdwShiftCoeff
BigReal alchElecLambdaStart
BigReal alchVdwLambdaEnd
BigReal alchBondLambdaEnd
Bool alchDecouple
Bool alchBondDecouple
Bool lesOn
int lesFactor
Bool lesReduceTemp
Bool lesReduceMass
Bool extForcesOn
char extForcesCommand [256]
char extCoordFilename [128]
char extForceFilename [128]
Bool qmForcesOn
char qmParamPDB [128]
Bool qmParamPDBDefined
Bool qmChrgFromPSF
char qmExecPath [256]
char qmSoftware [128]
char qmChrgModeS [16]
int qmChrgMode
char qmColumn [16]
char qmBaseDir [256]
char qmSecProc [256]
Bool qmSecProcOn
char qmPrepProc [256]
Bool qmPrepProcOn
int qmFormat
Bool qmReplaceAll
Bool qmMOPACAddConfigChrg
Bool qmBondOn
char qmBondColumn [16]
Bool qmBondDist
int qmBondValType
char qmBondValueTypeS [16]
char qmBondSchemeS [16]
int qmBondScheme
Bool qmPCSwitchOn
char qmPCSwitchTypeS [16]
int qmPCSwitchType
char qmPCSchemeS [16]
int qmPCScheme
int qmSimsPerNode
Bool qmVDW
Bool qmNoPC
Bool qmElecEmbed
int qmPCSelFreq
Bool qmCustomPCSel
Bool qmLSSOn
int qmLSSFreq
char qmLSSResname [5]
char qmLSSModeS [16]
int qmLSSMode
Bool qmCSMD
char qmCSMDFile [128]
int qmEnergyOutFreq
int qmOutFreq
int qmPosOutFreq
Bool printBadContacts
BigReal fsMax
Bool GBISserOn
BigReal solvent_dielectric
BigReal coulomb_radius_offset
BigReal kappa
BigReal ion_concentration
BigReal gbis_delta
BigReal gbis_beta
BigReal gbis_gamma
BigReal alpha_cutoff
BigReal alpha_max
BigReal surface_tension
Bool drudeOn
Bool drudeHardWallOn
BigReal drudeTemp
BigReal drudeDamping
BigReal drudeBondLen
BigReal drudeBondConst
BigReal drudeNbtholeCut
Bool pairInteractionOn
int pairInteractionGroup1
int pairInteractionGroup2
Bool pairInteractionSelf
Bool cosAngles
Bool globalForcesOn
Bool tclForcesOn
Bool tclBCOn
char * tclBCScript
char tclBCArgs [128]
Bool freeEnergyOn
Bool miscForcesOn
Bool colvarsOn
Bool fixedAtomsOn
Bool fixedAtomsForces
Bool fixedAtomsForceOutput
Bool langevinOnAtStartup
Bool langevinOn
BigReal langevinTemp
BigReal langevinDamping
Bool langevinHydrogen
Bool langevin_useBAOAB
Bool loweAndersenOn
BigReal loweAndersenTemp
BigReal loweAndersenRate
BigReal loweAndersenCutoff
Bool globalOn
Bool dihedralOn
BigReal COLDRate
BigReal COLDTemp
Bool tCoupleOn
BigReal tCoupleTemp
int rescaleFreq
BigReal rescaleTemp
Bool accelMDOn
Bool accelMDdihe
Bool accelMDdual
Bool accelMDDebugOn
BigReal accelMDFirstStep
BigReal accelMDLastStep
int accelMDOutFreq
BigReal accelMDE
BigReal accelMDalpha
BigReal accelMDTE
BigReal accelMDTalpha
Bool accelMDG
int accelMDGiE
int accelMDGcMDSteps
int accelMDGEquiSteps
int accelMDGcMDPrepSteps
int accelMDGEquiPrepSteps
BigReal accelMDGSigma0P
BigReal accelMDGSigma0D
Bool accelMDGRestart
char accelMDGRestartFile [128]
Bool accelMDGresetVaftercmd
Bool adaptTempOn
Bool adaptTempDebug
int adaptTempFirstStep
int adaptTempLastStep
int adaptTempOutFreq
int adaptTempFreq
BigReal adaptTempTmin
BigReal adaptTempTmax
BigReal adaptTempAutoDt
int adaptTempBins
BigReal adaptTempDt
BigReal adaptTempCgamma
Bool adaptTempLangevin
Bool adaptTempRescale
char adaptTempInFile [128]
char adaptTempRestartFile [128]
int adaptTempRestartFreq
Bool adaptTempRandom
int reassignFreq
BigReal reassignTemp
BigReal reassignIncr
BigReal reassignHold
Bool useGroupPressure
Bool excludeFromPressure
Bool useFlexibleCell
Bool useConstantArea
Bool useConstantRatio
Bool fixCellDims
Bool fixCellDimX
Bool fixCellDimY
Bool fixCellDimZ
Bool berendsenPressureOn
BigReal berendsenPressureTarget
BigReal berendsenPressureCompressibility
BigReal berendsenPressureRelaxationTime
int berendsenPressureFreq
Bool langevinPistonOn
Bool langevinPistonBarrier
BigReal langevinPistonTarget
BigReal langevinPistonPeriod
BigReal langevinPistonDecay
BigReal langevinPistonTemp
Bool multigratorOn
BigReal multigratorPressureTarget
BigReal multigratorPressureRelaxationTime
int multigratorPressureFreq
BigReal multigratorTemperatureTarget
BigReal multigratorTemperatureRelaxationTime
int multigratorTemperatureFreq
int multigratorNoseHooverChainLength
BigReal surfaceTensionTarget
Bool pressureProfileOn
int pressureProfileSlabs
int pressureProfileFreq
int pressureProfileAtomTypes
Bool pressureProfileEwaldOn
int pressureProfileEwaldX
int pressureProfileEwaldY
int pressureProfileEwaldZ
zVector strainRate
zVector strainRate2
unsigned int randomSeed
Bool FMAOn
int FMALevels
int FMAMp
int FMAFFTBlock
Bool fullDirectOn
Bool MSMOn
int MSMQuality
int MSMApprox
int MSMSplit
int MSMLevels
int MSMBlockSizeX
int MSMBlockSizeY
int MSMBlockSizeZ
BigReal MSMGridSpacing
BigReal MSMPadding
BigReal MSMxmin
BigReal MSMxmax
BigReal MSMymin
BigReal MSMymax
BigReal MSMzmin
BigReal MSMzmax
Bool MsmSerialOn
Bool FMMOn
int FMMLevels
BigReal FMMPadding
Bool PMEOn
BigReal PMETolerance
BigReal PMEEwaldCoefficient
int PMEInterpOrder
int PMEGridSizeX
int PMEGridSizeY
int PMEGridSizeZ
BigReal PMEGridSpacing
int PMEProcessors
int PMEMinSlices
int PMEMinPoints
Bool PMEBarrier
int PMEPencils
int PMEPencilsX
int PMEPencilsY
int PMEPencilsZ
int PMEPencilsYLayout
int PMEPencilsXLayout
int PMESendOrder
Bool PMEOffload
Bool useDPME
Bool useCUDA2
int bondedCUDA
Bool useOptPME
Bool useManyToMany
Bool FFTWEstimate
Bool FFTWPatient
Bool FFTWUseWisdom
char FFTWWisdomFile [128]
char * FFTWWisdomString
Bool minimizeCGOn
Bool minVerbose
BigReal minTinyStep
BigReal minBabyStep
BigReal minLineGoal
Bool minimizeOn
BigReal maximumMove
Bool sphericalBCOn
zVector sphericalCenter
BigReal sphericalBCk1
BigReal sphericalBCk2
BigReal sphericalBCr1
BigReal sphericalBCr2
int sphericalBCexp1
int sphericalBCexp2
Bool cylindricalBCOn
zVector cylindricalCenter
char cylindricalBCAxis
BigReal cylindricalBCr1
BigReal cylindricalBCr2
BigReal cylindricalBCl1
BigReal cylindricalBCl2
int cylindricalBCexp1
int cylindricalBCexp2
BigReal cylindricalBCk1
BigReal cylindricalBCk2
Bool eFieldOn
Bool eFieldNormalized
zVector eField
BigReal eFieldFreq
BigReal eFieldPhase
Bool stirOn
char stirFilename [128]
BigReal stirStartingTheta
BigReal stirVel
BigReal stirK
zVector stirAxis
zVector stirPivot
Bool extraBondsOn
Bool consForceOn
char consForceFile [128]
BigReal consForceScaling
int outputEnergies
int outputMomenta
int outputTiming
int outputCudaTiming
int outputPressure
Bool mergeCrossterms
int firstTimestep
MTSChoices MTSAlgorithm
int longSplitting
Bool ignoreMass
int splitPatch
BigReal hgroupCutoff
int mollyOn
BigReal mollyTol
int mollyIter
int rigidBonds
BigReal rigidTol
int rigidIter
int rigidDie
Bool useSettle
Bool testOn
Bool commOnly
Bool statsOn
int totalAtoms
int maxSelfPart
int maxPairPart
int numAtomsSelf
int numAtomsSelf2
int numAtomsPair
int numAtomsPair2
int minAtomsPerPatch
int maxExclusionFlags
Bool outputPatchDetails
Bool staticAtomAssignment
Bool replicaUniformPatchGrids
Bool HydrogenBonds
Bool useAntecedent
int aaAngleExp
int haAngleExp
int distAttExp
int distRepExp
BigReal dhaCutoffAngle
BigReal dhaOnAngle
BigReal dhaOffAngle
BigReal daCutoffDist
BigReal daOnDist
BigReal daOffDist
int IMDon
int IMDport
int IMDfreq
int IMDwait
int IMDignore
int IMDignoreForces
Bool amberOn
Bool readExclusions
BigReal vdwscale14
Bool gromacsOn
Bool vdwGeometricSigma
BigReal scriptArg1
BigReal scriptArg2
BigReal scriptArg3
BigReal scriptArg4
BigReal scriptArg5
int scriptIntArg1
int scriptIntArg2
char scriptStringArg1 [128]
char scriptStringArg2 [128]
Bool useCompressedPsf
Bool genCompressedPsf
Bool usePluginIO
Bool mallocTest
Bool printExclusions
int proxySendSpanningTree
int proxyRecvSpanningTree
int proxyTreeBranchFactor
int numinputprocs
char * binAtomFile
char * binCoorFile
char * binVelFile
char * binRefFile
int numoutputprocs
int numoutputwrts
char computeMapFilename [128]
Bool storeComputeMap
Bool loadComputeMap
int mic_hostSplit
int mic_numParts_self_p1
int mic_numParts_pair_p1
int mic_numParts_pair_p2
int mic_unloadMICPEs
int mic_deviceThreshold
int mic_singleKernel

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