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colvarmodule::rvector Class Reference

vector of real numbers with three components More...

#include <colvartypes.h>

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
 Set all components to zero.
 rvector (cvm::real x_i, cvm::real y_i, cvm::real z_i)
 rvector (cvm::vector1d< cvm::real > const &v)
 rvector (cvm::real t)
void set (cvm::real value)
 Set all components to a scalar.
void set (cvm::real x_i, cvm::real y_i, cvm::real z_i)
 Assign all components.
cvm::realoperator[] (int i)
 Access cartesian components by index.
cvm::real operator[] (int i) const
 Access cartesian components by index.
cvm::vector1d< cvm::real > const as_vector () const
void operator+= (cvm::rvector const &v)
void operator-= (cvm::rvector const &v)
void operator*= (cvm::real v)
void operator/= (cvm::real const &v)
cvm::real norm2 () const
cvm::real norm () const
cvm::rvector unit () const
std::string to_simple_string () const
int from_simple_string (std::string const &s)

Static Public Member Functions

static size_t output_width (size_t real_width)
static cvm::rvector outer (cvm::rvector const &v1, cvm::rvector const &v2)

Public Attributes

cvm::real x
cvm::real y
cvm::real z


cvm::rvector operator- (cvm::rvector const &v)
cvm::rvector operator+ (cvm::rvector const &v1, cvm::rvector const &v2)
cvm::rvector operator- (cvm::rvector const &v1, cvm::rvector const &v2)
cvm::real operator* (cvm::rvector const &v1, cvm::rvector const &v2)
 Inner (dot) product.
cvm::rvector operator* (cvm::real a, cvm::rvector const &v)
cvm::rvector operator* (cvm::rvector const &v, cvm::real a)
cvm::rvector operator/ (cvm::rvector const &v, cvm::real a)

Detailed Description

vector of real numbers with three components

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